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Ramps & Rehab in NSW

Yesterday we came across a bike shop that also does mobility equipment, with a small black portable ramp (with high vis tape across it) against the small step into the shop that ordinarily would've made it inaccessible to wheelchair and scooter users.

We had a quick chat with the business owner who has operated for 20 years and had been told he wasn't allowed to make permanent changes to the entryway... and he needs to offer access to his customers... so that's what he's gotta do. Simple. As. That. When pressed further on the legality of the ramp he explained in NSW the law allows Removable Portable Ramps as long as they were removed out of work hours.

I am.... confused. How can they be a trip hazard in QLD and not in NSW? Can anyone shed some light on the ins and outs of the laws in this state?

I also checked out the Royal Rehabilitation in North Ryde in Sydney and was pleasantly surprised at their Spinal Rehab set-up. It’s on a huge site and has lots of activities, tennis courts, a grouse garden where they eat what they grow, an obstacle course to keep your wheelchair skills up to scratch, and for chilling out a barbeque area with plenty of tables. I caught up with a few Wheelies doing their rehab and found everyone happy and positive about the future.