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Gold Stars for you Yeppoon

We've just wrapped up ten days in Yeppoon in Queensland and we NAILED it... but most importantly Yeppoon has nailed it!  This is one great little seaside holiday spot with a whole community ready and willing to get to number one on our accessibility ACED list.

This was our first real experiment in getting into a town and really stirring the pot, and we think we did bloody well!  Here's what we managed to achieve over our time there:

  1. Reviewed wheelchair access in and around the main foreshore and other beaches we visited and I reported my findings to the local council who were very eager to take onboard my suggestions.
  2. For those businesses lacking full access I had a flash of inspiration and linked the local Men's Shed with supplies donated by Iron's Mitre 10 and gave them some pointers on ramp building... the result being our first wooden ramp built by volunteers to give full access to the pool area at The Coast Motel.
  3. Attended the Capricorn Coast Community Access Group meeting and gave them a run down of what I'd been up and my ideas to so they could take the reins.
  4. Talked to the local paper about all of the above.... resulting in a front pager! Big thanks to Amy at the Cap Coast Mirror for giving our ramp idea a ramp up!
  5. Had a great time! Also one of our top priorities of course - this is afterall the first real break I've had in 20 years.

This little spot on the Capricorn Coast was the perfect place to recharge after our long drive from Darwin. Horsey got lots of beach time chasing seagulls which was a joy to watch. I was able to access the beach via the Surf Club boat ramp and the sand is hard packed so there was no issue about getting bogged in my power wheelchair.

Kicking off our trip with a front page splash!

Thanks Yeppoon for a bloody awesome time and if every town is as willing as you to make changes toward a truly inclusive community our job is going to be very rewarding indeed.