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Going LIVE & the Bundaberg Moment

So this site and blog is officially live as of yesterday. Be sure to check out the 'Where's Macca?' page if you want to see when I'm coming to a town near you, if so, then email me at macca@walkinmywheels.com

The Walk in My Wheels Facebook page is up and running... and I even have a Twitter account... yikes! This is getting serious! 

Now to get posting.. sharing.. commenting... filming... editing... stirring... shaking... moving... 


I bumped into Pauline Hanson today at the Bundaberg Rum Festival, she took the time to sit down with me and have a chat about what I'm doing with providing free ramps to local businesses and was very encouraging and supportive. What an inspiring woman who's gone out there with the hope to make change and is now making that change.

Whatever your political views, you've gotta agree she has a following... and that following will soon be seeing me on her Facebook page. Bring on the awareness building baby!!

We are just getting started and who knows what kind of impact this project might have on building more inclusive, aware communities that truly look out for one another.